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Hi VIS 2021 (7-20 June 2021) – The diversity of reading

Hi VIS 2021 will take place between 7th–20th June, and this year we will be celebrating the diversity of reading. Hi VIS (formerly Make A Noise in Libraries) fortnight seeks each year to highlight the wonderful world of accessible reading. Reading is something that can and does bring us together, regardless of what or how More

The new Vision and Print Impaired People’s Promise

In 2020, Share The Vision, a coalition of UK organisations that work together to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of library services for people with a vision or print impairment, revised the ‘Six Steps’ Promise, which sits alongside the  Libraries Connected Universal Offers.

Fundamentally, the core principles and practical steps within the Promise didn’t need to change. However, embedded detail had to be updated, and partners felt that the title of the Promise needed to more direct and literally reflect the purpose and people at its heart.