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Hi VIS 2021 (7-20 June 2021) – The diversity of reading

Hi VIS 2021 will take place between 7th–20th June, and this year we will be celebrating the diversity of reading. Hi VIS (formerly Make A Noise in Libraries) fortnight seeks each year to highlight the wonderful world of accessible reading. Reading is something that can and does bring us together, regardless of what or how More

The Vision and Print Impaired People’s Promise

‘I can’t see to read books anymore. The library staff know what authors I like and request items for me, it is a lifeline to me.’
Talking with Readers quote from library user, Libraries Connected

The Vision and Print Impaired People’s Promise sets out the experience that people with blindness, sight loss and other print disabilities should have through public library services. We want everyone who visits a public library to be inspired by an exciting accessible environment which makes reading and seeking information a pleasure.


Making community contacts

‘All the time I can still access reading I don’t feel as if I’m outside society. I just feel I’m engaging in a different way. But if I couldn’t read I would feel as if I was completely on the margins’
Assessing the Impact of Reading for Blind and Partially Sighted Adults, RNIB

You may be in the lucky position of working in a library which is already well used by visually-impaired people and their families and friends. However, here are some ideas if your library seems to have very few visually-impaired users and no one from local groups visiting.