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Hi VIS Fortnight – Celebrating the word in all its formats

‘Make A Noise In Libraries’ is changing into ‘Hi VIS’ from this year.

The celebration of accessible library services and alternative formats will be taking place during the first two weeks of June, as before (1-14th June 2020); it will still be aiming to champion and raise awareness of the range of library services and activities that are available to visually impaired people to access; it’s just that the name is shifting to better reflect the core purpose of the fortnight.


Hi VIS 2020 digital resources

To help celebrate Hi VIS fortnight (1-14 June 2020), we have produced a set of digital resources that you can use in your promotional activities. With the current coronavirus pandemic, we appreciate that people are going to be somewhat constrained in their event planning. However, it is still important that we champion accessible library services, alternative formats, and service providers that deliver reading to those for whom standard print is not an option. Hopefully, through digital and social media channels, we can all still spread positive messages and information, and raise awareness during Hi VIS fortnight – Go on; make a noise!


Six Steps

‘I can’t see to read books anymore. The library staff know what authors I like and request items for me, it is a lifeline to me.’
Talking with Readers quote from library user, Libraries Connected

The Six Steps Promise aims to make sure that all people who are blind or visually impaired are able to take part in a wide range of accessible reading, digital and cultural activities in their local library. We want everyone who visits a public library to be inspired by an exciting accessible environment which makes reading and seeking information a pleasure.


Making community contacts

‘All the time I can still access reading I don’t feel as if I’m outside society. I just feel I’m engaging in a different way. But if I couldn’t read I would feel as if I was completely on the margins’
Assessing the Impact of Reading for Blind and Partially Sighted Adults, RNIB

You may be in the lucky position of working in a library which is already well used by visually-impaired people and their families and friends. However, here are some ideas if your library seems to have very few visually-impaired users and no one from local groups visiting.