About Us

Share the Vision is a coalition of UK organisations that work together to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of library services for visually impaired and print disabled people. Our partners include ASCEL, the British Library, Calibre Audio Library, ClearVision, Libraries Connected, and RNIB.

Together we produce the Reading Sight website, which is a bank of resources to support anyone with an interest in helping people with sight loss to access reading and reading services.

Why we do it

‘I have read since I was 4 years old and to continue; no matter how hard it becomes, is really important to me, providing a link to my loved ones in my mind at least.’
Assessing the Impact of Reading for Blind and Partially Sighted Adults, RNIB

One in eight people in the UK find it difficult or impossible to read standard print and access reading in alternative formats (large print, audio, and braille).

Reading Sight

Reading Sight is a one-stop shop for people working in the libraries to find information that will help them to support visually and/or print impaired readers. This includes library managers, as well as front line staff, teachers and volunteers.

Reading Sight promotes accessible reading and library services by providing information on:

  • Accessible formats and the services that provide them
  • How to join libraries and participate in reading groups and activities
  • New developments in the world of accessible reading and reading technology
  • Best practice for people working in libraries

‘It’s important to me, probably because I’m visually impaired especially; it’s something I can still do. Whereas there might be other hobbies that I’ve had to give up but I can still read. Well, I can still listen.’
Assessing the Impact of Reading for Blind and Partially Sighted Adults, RNIB

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You can contact Share the Vision / Reading Sight via the following email address: [email protected]

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