HiVis fortnight at Hertfordshire Libraries

The first two weeks in June are known as HiVIS fortnight. This is a nationwide promotion which aims to celebrate all the different formats of stock and services that libraries provide for visually and print impaired readers.

Vaping can lead to blindness

The number of UK adults who vape has hit an all-time high with usage increasing to 11% year-on-year. According to experts at Optical Express, the possible impact of vaping on eye health is both considerable and not well-publicised. These range from near-term effects such as dry eyes to more serious longer-term effects, with vapers more at risk of developing cataracts or glaucoma. Just half an hour of vaping can lead to oxidative stress in the eyes which leads to macular degeneration.

People with sight loss “left to deal with diagnosis alone,” says RNIB

Three quarters of people with sight loss have been given no advice or guidance on what emotional support could be available to them, the charity said.

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Call for joined-up approach in eye care

A debate held by MPs who discussed the role of primary eye care professionals.

Alcohol linked to irreversible blindness

Research that showed consuming more than 12g of alcohol per day (equivalent to less than one large glass of wine or large beer) is enough to increase the risk of developing early age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Excessive alcohol intake can contribute to oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, which are believed to be underlying factors in the development and progression of AMD.

The Beano launches its first ever comic for visually impaired children

The Beano has launched its first ever comic strip for visually impaired children featuring a guide dog character to raise awareness of those experiencing sight loss. Available in print and audio formats, the innovation means that the iconic magazine can now be enjoyed by those experiencing full sight loss too.

Beano created the story in partnership with the Guide Dog charity to highlight the important role guide dogs can play in people’s lives.