ClearVision Seeks Library Administrator

This is a lovely job, getting to choose and send books to all the families, individuals, schools, libraries and Sensory Support Services which ClearVision supports- making the magic happen! It also involves supporting families and organisations with their memberships and cataloguing new books. You don’t have to know braille!

15 hours per week. £10,650 per annum (£26,625 full time equivalent), based in our library in Southfields, London.

How Stress Affects Your Vision, and What to Do About It

Due to the adrenaline hormone released during times of stress, eyes remain dilated, and this can lead to light sensitivity, eye twitching, tightening of the eye muscles and blurry vision. In fact, researchers have found that chronic stress can lead to conditions such as optic nerve damage and glaucoma. This is because stress elevates cortisol levels and can cause extra pressure in the eye and brain. Additionally, your cardiovascular system is also affected by stress, and if blood flow isn’t well regulated, it can potentially lead to issues with your heart and to vision loss.

As with any stress-related health issues, the key to avoiding these vision problems is to find healthy ways to manage stress. Methods can include: taking screen breaks, exercising, meditating and breathing exercises. Getting enough sleep is also important.

6 tips to help keep children’s eyes healthy

Limit screen time, encourage outdoor play, maintain proper lighting, promote a balanced diet, protect eyes from the sun and get sufficient sleep.

Sight Loss Councils set to amplify voices of blind people in Scotland

BLIND and partially-sighted people are set to have more say in accessibility issues across Scotland with the launch of Sight Loss Councils (SLCs) next year. Priorities for SLCs include accessible transport and streets so everyone can travel independently and safely, while they also work to increase the accessibility of healthcare, shopping, museums and galleries, and sports and leisure facilities, depending on the needs of the area in question.

Ticket office closures will affect people with sight loss

A blind rail passenger has criticised the government’s plans to close ticket offices, saying it will take away his independence. Raymond Bradley, 35, from Hackney, who is registered blind, said the move would set him back to the position he was in when he first lost his sight.

State Pensioners with one of 45 eyesight conditions could be due extra £407 a month

RNIB research on making transport more accessible

Research on the issues facing people with sight loss navigating public transport has highlighted how emotional the experience can be and flagged significant gaps in information provision.

Study finds popular accessory actually likely makes ‘no difference’ to sleep quality or eye health

Researchers found that there may be “no short-term advantages” with using blue-light filtering spectacle lenses to reduce visual fatigue associated with computer use, compared to non-blue-light filtering lenses.

As a writer slowly loses his sight, he embraces other kinds of perception

Writer Andrew Leland started losing his sight 20 years ago, when he was in high school, as a result of a progressive eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited condition that leads to the deterioration of the retinas. In the new memoir, The Country of the Blind, Leland writes about losing his vision and preparing for blindness — and how his condition impacts his identity, how the world sees him and his marriage.

Why a TikTok trend about rubbing castor oil into your eyes is a bad idea

Videos circulating on the social media platform claim that castor oil can help to treat dryness, floaters, cataracts, poor vision and even glaucoma but doctors have issued a warning not to use castor oil as a way to treat vision problems following claims on TikTok.

The trials and difficulties when travelling with blindness

‘Help’ ranges from being accused of faking it to being offered a wheelchair. That’s why society needs to be educated about the nuances of sight loss.

Top iPhone Apps For The Blind & Visually Impaired

The latest apps are listed and described at the link below.

Themes confirmed for National Eye Health Week 2023

The campaign, held between 18 – 24 September, will focus on topics such as myopia, eye health and wellbeing, and NHS eye care and support.