October Newsletter 276

Winner of the Voice Andrea Begley tries not to let sight loss get too much in the way

Striving for independence is something that singer Andrea Begley is passionate about


Liverpool, new collection makes library more accessible and inclusive

Liverpool Library will soon have a dedicated space for people with a disability. It will be fitted out with desks which are automatically height adjustable to accommodate people in wheelchairs, while new computer software and other technology will help improve computer use for people with reading and hearing difficulties. It will also install adjustable height self-check-in desks to allow people in wheelchairs to borrow library resources independently.


Simple eye care could improve the sight of more than 1 billion people

More than 1 billion people are needlessly losing their sight because of a lack of simple eye care, according to a landmark report on vision by the World Health Organization. The research has revealed a wide inequality gap for sight and eye conditions. Rates of blindness in low- and middle-income countries are up to eight times higher than in wealthy countries, with people living in rural areas, ethnic minorities, women and older people suffering disproportionately.


New phone app makes reading easier for those with sight loss

A new Smartphone app helps users with sight-loss to read everyday text such as books, documents and menus.


Google Maps expands voice guidance for blind and partially sighted users

In honour of World Sight DayGoogle Mapshas introduced a new feature for blind or partially sighted people. Maps will now offer more detailed voice guidance and verbal announcements to make navigating with limited vision easier and safer.