June Newsletter 322.


For children with sight loss, technology is vital. A new ‘Tech for All’ service has been launched which provides free iPads or iPhones to children with a vision impairment. Find out more:


Devon Libraries

Libraries across East Devon have signed up for a scheme aimed at giving people with less visible or invisible disabilities an extra warm welcome. The Sunflower is a globally recognised symbol for non-visible disabilities. These include autism, chronic pain and learning difficulties as well as mental health conditions, mobility issues, speech impairments and sensory loss such sight loss, hearing loss or deafness.

Respiratory conditions as well as chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic pain and sleep disorders that significantly impact day-to-day life, are also included.

From June, library staff will be wearing I Support Sunflower lanyards to show that they recognise the Sunflower and are ready to help.


Audio Books

Penguin Random House UK has donated its entire audio back catalogue to Calibre Audio, a charity providing a free-for-life audiobook service to anyone who has a disability that makes reading print difficult.

Under the new partnership, around 6,000 titles as well as future releases will be made freely available to Calibre’s 16,000 members, who have a range of disabilities that make reading and understanding text difficult, including visual impairments, learning disabilities, cognitive impairments and physical dexterity conditions.

Earlier this year, the service was made available to people with long Covid, which has symptoms including extreme tiredness, difficulty concentrating and “brain fog”.

Anthony Kemp, c.e.o of Calibre Audio, said the addition of PRH’s back catalogue to the charity’s collection would make an enormous difference to the reading experience of its members.


Eye Health

“Beyond Carrots” has been released worldwide. A 186-page guidebook takes a detailed look at numerous forms of eye disease that can lead to vision loss, and the preventative measures anyone can take to help protect their vision. The author, an eye doctor herself, faced a vision-threatening diagnosis, but was able to reverse her own eye disease in just 30 days through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Read more: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/new-book-beyond-carrots-by-dr-britney-caruso-is-released-a-detailed-guide-to-maintain-eye-health-through-diet-and-lifestyle-from-an-eye-doctor-who-nearly-lost-her-vision#ixzz7WNz6G7pO


A guide about how to invert colours on an iPhone, something that could be helpful for anyone with vision problems.

Further details here: https://www.bollyinside.com/articles/how-to-invert-colors-on-ios/