January Newsletter 283

RNIB offers sight loss advice via Alexa

The charity has worked with Amazon to ensure that those with sight loss can access information through the voice activated device.


Visual reality (VR) device helps visually impaired people to recover eyesight

Following tests of a VR device at Moorfield Hospital 98% of participants (59 out of 60) experienced an improvement in visual acuity while using the device. Nearly half of the participants (47%) said that they would wear the VR device for watching TV, reading, or going to the theatre.


Libby Clegg health: Dancing on Ice star’s deteriorating eye condition explained

Libby Clegg is etching new ground by being the first blind person to compete in the ice skating competition. The 29-year-old was born with a degenerative genetic condition called Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy. Detail of how she copes with the condition is here:


Memes are still not accessible to people who are blind

As millions like and re-share a viral post, people with visual impairments often find themselves locked out of the discourse. “It’s frustrating,” says Alex Stine, an 18-year-old recent graduate of the Kentucky School for the Blind who works in website accessibility. “When [I] come across [a meme], my screen reader reads ‘graphic.’” Much more needs to be done to make them accessible:


Stagecoach roll out new buses which have audio announcements for the visually impaired

What it’s like to use Facebook when you are blind

For years, for blind people, scrolling through their newsfeed was frustrating and confusing. Three years ago facial recognition software helped to transform the experience: