Hi VIS 2021 (7-20 June 2021) – The diversity of reading

Hi VIS 2021 will take place between 7th–20th June, and this year we will be celebrating the diversity of reading.

Hi VIS (formerly Make A Noise in Libraries) fortnight seeks each year to highlight the wonderful world of accessible reading. Reading is something that can and does bring us together, regardless of what or how we read. Hi VIS fortnight provides an opportunity to raise the profile of accessible library services, collections, and activities, and to connect people with a vision or print impairment to them, to reading, and to fellow readers.

The availability of alternative formats and cultural engagement through libraries is critical to ensuring that people who are blind, or who have sight loss or anything that stops them from using standard print, can access, enjoy and share a diverse range of reading and experiences.

What can libraries do?

We would like, during Hi VIS Fortnight, for libraries across the UK to highlight and celebrate all that you do to help people with vision and/or print impairments to access and connect to the reading services and formats that best suit them, and to engage with reading and related activities.

Share the Vision are specifically hoping that libraries will:

Available Resources

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Ideas for activities

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