February Newsletter 316

Dried goji berries could protect against age-related sight loss

Eating a small portion of dried goji berries on a regular basis could delay the development of age-related macular degeneration or prevent it altogether among healthy middle-aged people, according to a new study


Short-sightedness is on the rise in both children and adults – new study

Known for years now that rates of short-sightedness (scientifically known as myopia) are rising globally. Some estimates even suggest that half of the world’s population will be short-sighted by 2050. In the UK and Europe alone, rates of short-sightedness have doubled in the last 50 years.

But we still aren’t completely sure why these rates are rising so significantly – and who might be most at risk. This is what a recent study set out to understand. Looking at data from 107,442 participants aged 40-69, the researchers confirmed that rates of myopia have increased significantly in the UK in all age groups – and showed that education level and ethnicity may also be linked to greater risk.”


Smartphone for the visually impaired launched

RealThing Ai is launching its latest voice accessible smartphone: the RealSAM Pocket V4, completely designed for those with sight loss. RNIB Digital Transformation Manager, Paul Porter, said: “Speaking directly with blind and partially sighted people to find out their thoughts and frustrations with accessible smartphones was essential for this product development. We hope the updated features of the new phone will help to meet the needs of customers with sight loss.”


UK patient fitted with bionic eye

Moorfield Eye Hospital has surgically inserted a 2mm wide microchip under the retina of an 88-year-old patient.

The chip interacts with special glasses containing a video camera to send electrical signals via her optical cells that can then be interpreted by the brain.


Two dietary additions could reduce vision loss by 36 percent

Peppers and kiwi fruits have an abundance of health benefits, especially when it comes to eyes. Full details below:


People registered legally blind are able to claim a 50 percent discount on their TV licence: