August Newsletter No. 324

1 in 3 Britons have common ailment that is the 'leading' cause of blindness

High blood pressure can lead to macular degeneration. The condition typically begins in a person’s 50s and thereafter, which can lead to partial blindness.

Excessive coffee consumption could be linked to a leading cause of blindness

Consistently going above the recommended amount of coffee could impact your health and vision, as it puts you in higher risk of developing chronic conditions such as glaucoma. Caffeinated drinks are known to increase blood pressure, as well as pressure in your eyes.

General problems that can affect vision with age

Macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, glaucoma, presbyopia and floaters and flashers are all discussed and regular eye tests are recommended to monitor any symptoms.

Black people more likely to lose eyesight from glaucoma

Black people are six times more likely than non-Hispanic white people to lose significant eyesight from glaucoma, even when they have similar access to healthcare, researchers say.

New smart hub helps visually impaired adults and children in Ireland

The National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI) has launched Smart Hub, a voice-based platform that allows adults and children who are visually impaired to access information by simply using voice commands.

Available on Alexa-enabled devices and Google Home, it’s the very first innovative voice-based platform of its scale within the charity sector. With the hub, users can access information on NCBI support services, sight loss conditions, NCBI Labs technology services and advocacy.

Parents are unaware of damage to children’s vision from excessive screen time

Half of parents are blind to how much screen time can damage their childrens’ vision, according to new research.

They overlook simple steps to protect it, such as wearing blue-light blocking glasses and making their children play outdoors more.

Spending more hours on smartphones, tablets and other digital devices — and less time outdoors — is harmful, researchers say.

Untreated vision problems can increase your risk of dementia

According to recent research, dementia risk in older persons may be increased by vision issues. According to a recent systematic review and meta-analysis of 16 studies comprising 76,373 individuals, older adults with untreated eyesight problems may have a higher chance of developing dementia.

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For blind internet users, the fix can be worse than the flaws

Companies say their A.I.-powered tools are the best way to fix accessibility problems online, but many blind people find they make websites harder to use.

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Macular degeneration and macular edema

This article explores the differences and similarities between macular oedema and macular degeneration. In particular, it describes what they are, how they present themselves, and their effect on a person. The article also discuss the diagnosis, treatments, and risk factors for both conditions.

Devon, technology event for anyone with sight loss

The County’s Sight Loss Charity, Devon in Sight is bringing a drop in Sight Loss Technology Event to Torrington Town and Community Hall which could help anyone with sight loss by letting them try out some of the new Technology that is available to help with day-to-day living. You can go along any time between 10am and 2pm on Tuesday, August 2, and see what else is available to make life a bit easier if you or someone you know, who has lost some sight.

You can find out more or book an appointment by calling 01392 876 666.