April Newsletter No. 320

Free promotional materials

Share the Vision have produced a range of digital promotional materials that are freely available for people to download. These assets have been designed to work on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok; and there are even some classic ‘empty belly’ posters for you to use too! Additionally, we have produced some helpful guidelines on using Alt Text, which is key to making your social media posts accessible.

The resources for this year are now available on the Reading Sight website – see:  https://readingsight.org.uk/hi-vis-week-2022/

Parents urged to recognise signs of eye cancer in children

A ‘white glow’ that appeared in photographs of a child turned out to be retinoblastoma, a rare type of eye cancer affecting children. Parents encouraged to be aware of the signs.


High blood pressure can put you at greater risk of irreversible blindness

High blood pressure can put you at greater risk of glaucoma, one of the most common causes of irreversible blindness. The warning signs include: pain (especially in bright lights), headache, nausea, vomiting and vision loss.



Help is available for people with sight loss

Chief executive officer of Devon in Sight, Grahame Flynn, says that people are too often told ‘There is nothing more that we can do for you.’

“While people’s sight loss may not be treatable, there is always more that can be done to support people practically and emotionally, and practices can play a key role by helping people access this support,” he emphasised.

“While sight loss can be a traumatic and life-changing experience the important thing is for people affected with sight loss to know that there is help available, and that they are not alone as they learn to live with changes in their sight,” Flynn added.


Using Viagra could lead to blindness, study finds

A study of men who were regular users of erectile medications finds a doubling in the risks of eye conditions that can lead to loss of sight.


The toll of macular degeneration

Accessible showering solution launches for those with visual impairments

A specialist shower tray has been developed to provide level access for people with visual impairments.


Over 5 million Britons are putting their eye health at risk by never having an eye test

Guide Dogs, a charity which supports people with sight loss – has revealed that 8 percent of people have NEVER had an eye test. That could mean around five million people are putting their eye health at risk by skipping these important check-ups. What’s more, a quarter of people (25 percent) admitted not having an eye test in over three years: well over the two years recommended by experts.