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John - Young Reading Lives

Mon, 12 Sep 2011

John is 10 years old and lives in the north of England. He has the eye conditions Nystagmus and Albinism.

"When I was six I didn't like reading because it was too hard. It was too uncomfortable reading."

The big breakthrough came when John was introduced to the Spy Dog series of books. He really enjoyed the funny stories and read his first Spy Dog book in a single day. His favourite reading format is now large print.

"I like going to bed with a book so I can read it each night, sometime reading until midnight"

Reading aloud

John sometimes reads to his younger sisters, they really enjoy it. He can also help them out with their own reading.

"I love John reading to me because it's nice!"

His sister Lizzie sometimes reads John's large print books too. She likes the funny books that John chooses.

John's Mum says: "I think his confidence has been massively helped by being such a good reader. It's like any challenge, if you succeed you feel good about yourself."

John says: "I'm the best reader in the family, I'm even better at reading than my Dad!"