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Ellie - Young Reading Lives

Mon, 12 Sep 2011

Ellie is 11 years old and is registered blind.

"When I read something in braille it feels sort of magical"

She gets braille books from the RNIB National Library Service. She sometimes uses New books magazine from RNIB to choose her braille books.

Ellie reading a braille book

Carnegie shadowing scheme

Ellie took part in this years Carnegie shadowing scheme. The Carnegie Medal is awarded to the writer of book for children of outstanding literary quality. Children involved in the Carnegie shadowing scheme:

  • read the shortlisted titles during the same period as the national judges
  • meet regularly to discuss and assess them by the same criteria
  • write reviews and post them on CILIP's website

RNIB produces the shortlisted titles in braille so that children like Ellie can get involved.

Ellie opening boxes of brailled carnegie books

Reading with friends

Maria is Ellie's friend, she is sighted. They both like Jaqueline Wilson's books, particularly Midnight which they read together on audio book.

"Sometimes I recommend a book to Ellie and she can't get it [in braille or audio]. I will sometimes end up reading the book to her." Maria

Ellie would like to read popular magazine like Hello:

"I think it's very frustrating to not be able to get the magazines that everyone else reads."

Ellie and her friend maria