Screen magnification software

This software can magnify the text, menus and icons on the computer screen up to 32 times. Because screen magnification software increases the size of the image displayed on the screen, only a portion of the original screen image can be seen at one time. Normally the magnification will automatically follow the area of attention, for example the cursor. Because of the restriction on the amount of viewable area of the screen, a large monitor is usually used in conjunction with screen magnification software to effectively increase the viewable area on the screen.

Examples of screen magnification software

Microsoft Windows

A built-in magnifier and can be found built into Windows. This is a simple magnifier yet can provide some additional support without any costs or software installation.

Desktop Zoom 3.5

This simple magnifier program enables entire desktop magnification or lens magnification.

Magnifying Glass Pro

The Magnifying Glass Pro utility is a virtual magnifier (virtual lens, screen-zoomer) that enables you to enlarge (magnify) text and graphics as they are displayed on your computer monitor. As you pass your mouse cursor over a section of the viewing area, the display is magnified making it instantly more readable and accessible. In addition, you can apply a variety of visual effects and enhancements to display.

ZoomText Express Zoom

Text Express is an affordable screen magnifier designed for those who squint at the computer screen and lean in to read the fine print. It provides a gentle boost of magnification (up to 2 times) so that hard to read text is larger, clearer and easier to see. You can also apply a soft tint to white areas of the screen or reverse all colours to eliminate that familiar blinding glare. Priced from £69.99 and a trial version of Zoomtext Express is available to download from Sight and Sound.


Magnifies everything up to 36 times. You can choose what is magnified, including the cursor, and you can choose what colours are most comfortable. Available from Screenreader and priced from £99.00.

Lightning Plus

Lightning Plus adds more customisation and enables you to choose the type of magnification from full screen, lens or strip magnifier. You can also choose from vertical or horizontal split screen, change brightness and specify the colours that suit you best. Available from Screenreader and priced from £149.00.


Lunar can magnify 1.2 to 32 times and incorporates many features including full colour image smoothing, separate adjustment of horizontal and vertical magnification and pre-set or custom colour schemes are included. A trial version is available to download from Dolphin Computer Access with prices starting from £275.00.

ZoomText Magnifier

ZoomText Magnifier magnifies the screen from 1.25 to 36 times. It incorporates many features including font smoothing, mouse and cursor enhancement and location and special colour setting options and a document reader. Priced from £375.00 and a trial version of ZoomText is available to download from Sight and Sound.