Braille printers

Braille printers emboss braille output from a computer by punching dots onto paper. They connect to the computer in the same way as text printers and can also be connected to notetakers and other devices with a serial or parallel port. Used in conjunction with the embosser is braille translation software that translates printed text into braille.

Examples of braille printers

Romeo Pro 50 Braille Embosser

  • produces 50 braille characters per second
  • single sheet tractors allow you to emboss up to 22 lines on 11 inch non tractor paper (i.e. letterhead) by hand-feeding one sheet at a time through the embosser
  • offers low (12.5 dots per inch) and high-resolution (16 dots per inch) graphics
  • can produce 6 or 8 dot braille
  • paper size - selectable: 6.6cm to 35.6cm (3inches to 14 inches)
  • ET speaks makes the menu accessible
  • plastic carrying case with handle
  • £2150.00 ex VAT

Gemini Embosser

This single sided embosser has the ability to produce print and emboss six or eight dot braille, on the same page at high speed (32 characters per second).

  • works with Duxbury braille translator software (product code HT106)
  • tractor fed braille paper can be 90-130 gsm, width from 23.5cm (9.25 inches) to 28cm (11 inches)
  • text produced on a dot matrix printer, supports all EU language characters
  • USB, RS-232C (serial) or parallel connection to computer
  • provides braille and ink test page printing
  • supplied with one box of braille paper (product code BP41) and one replacement ink ribbon cartridge.
  • works with IBM PC compatible computers
  • £6500.00 ex VAT

Romeo Attache braille embosser

Relatively lightweight and portable embosser.

  • regular (12.5 dots per inch) and high-resolution (17 DPI) graphics
  • dynamic braille scaling for different braille sizes, even within a document
  • 6 or 8-dot braille
  • prints 15 characters per second
  • 32 characters per line with Library of Congress spacing
  • continuous tractor feed paper
  • desktop style case with carrying handle
  • £1450.00 ex VAT