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Audio books - Southend Library

Mon, 12 Sep 2011

Angela Breakey - Library Manager
Ran a survey after comments about the layout of the large print and audio books.

  • too far spread out
  • unclear signage
  • good to be near the counter - if visually impaired people need assistance
  • seating area

to do - lighting, reducing glare
improved signs in large print
ongoing work
“I would ask that the signs are at eye level” blind user

Clipper books online
W.F. Howes
each machine has a whole book on it
with navigation buttons
Free to VI people for 3 week loan
“Some people swear by them but others find them a bit too fiddly” library staff member
Playaway, the world's first pre-loaded digital audiobook, has proven enormously popular with listeners, and is already an established product in libraries across the UK. The versatility and simplicity of the format have been key factors in this growing popularity.
But without great titles, Playaway would be simply another audio player. Clipper Audio's range of bestselling unabridged audio titles is the vital link which makes Playaway come alive. An unrivalled title list and cutting edge technology.
The Playaway Player
Playaway is lightweight, compact, and very easy to use - simply plug in the earphones and press play. That's all you need to do to start enjoying the clear, crisp sound of a Clipper Audio title

“The support from the staff is second to none.” blind library user.