The Reading Agency

Telephone: 0207 324 2544

The Reading Agency is an independent charity with a mission to inspire more people to read more. The Reading Agency aims to help children, young people and adults across the UK feel inspired and confident about reading. We particularly champion reading with children in their formative years, work with young people who find it difficult to develop reading skills and with adults who find reading a challenge.

  • The Reading Agency is the UK's leading development agency specialising in spreading reading through libraries.
  • The Reading Agency works with every UK local authority and also reaches readers through broadcasters, publishers, workplaces, schools, prisons and youth services.
  • The Reading Agency runs a number of high profile national initiatives such as the Summer Reading Challenge, and has developed five key tools to engage readers - reading challenges, reading groups, author contact, promotions and volunteering.

The Reading Agency works with RNIB to improve accessibility to their programmes for children who are sight impaired.