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Wendy - Young Reading Lives

Mon, 12 Sep 2011

Wendy is an advisory teacher for visually impaired children and works with Grace.

“My job is to ensure that wherever Grace is, she has the support that she needs.”

Teaching braille is also a big part of Wendy’s role:
“Teaching Grace to read braille has been very easy because she wanted to do it so much”

“Grace’s world is a tactile world” - touch is a big part of how she understands the world around her.

Books with tactile images can be very useful for teaching younger children.

Learning braille is like being bilingual, because you need to be able to know the spelling of words in print and in the braille code, for example:

The three letter word HEN in print can can be represented by just two characters in braille: the sign for H and the sign for EN.
Grace is also learning the braille music code. There are lots of different braille codes for different purposes like chemistry and maths.

“Reading gives Grace access to worlds which she needs to understand and be aware of. The books that Grace reads give her a sense of the world and her place in it, and that is really important for her.”