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Six steps to library services for blind and partially sighted people

Mon, 07 Feb 2011

There are 1.8m blind and partially sighted people in the UK who need library and information services. As part of their ongoing campaign Share the Vision and the Society of Chief Librarians ask all public libraries to take the following six steps:

  1. Use Your Reading Choices with every blind or partially sighted customer to assess their reading needs and facilitate access to public libraries and other relevant services
  2. Provide local collections of large print and audio books
  3. Use Reading Sight
  4. Provide access technology on at least one computer in each library
  5. Designate a "champion" for the reading needs of blind and partially sighted people
  6. Participate in RNIB's annual Make a Noise in Libraries activities
A librarian helping a reader with a large print book

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