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RNIB report on commercial audio books

Thu, 13 Dec 2012

Earlier this year RNIB published a report titled "The needs of blind and partially sighted people from commercial downloadable audio books" (Word, 250KB) - with the announcement of the winner of the Audiobook of the Year award it seems like the perfect time revisit the findings.

Relevant to libraries, the report provides insight into:

  • ways in which blind and partially sighted people can already enjoy a wide range of unabridged audiobook titles thanks to downloadable services.
  • suggestions for ways in which download services could be made easier for people with sight problems
  • perceived barriers to using downloadable audiobooks from people who do not currently use them, even if they use audiobooks in other formats Would you like to have a copy of the full report? I would be very happy to send it through or to provide any further information.

RNIB is part of the Right to Read Alliance, which estimates that as many as one person in every eight in the UK is unable to read a standard print book due to sight loss, dyslexia or another disability which makes it difficult to hold a book or turn a page. As you can imagine, downloadable audiobooks are of tremendous interest to us!

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