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New SMART Brailler launched

Tue, 15 Jul 2014

This month's Access World has details of a new tool for anyone learning braille:

"Although it's roughly only the size of their manual brailler writer, the Perkins SMART Brailler does a lot more. It provides customisable audio feedback as the user types, there's a screen on which a sighted person can see what is being written, and a memory device can be plugged in via a USB port.

The SMART Brailler is a learning tool for anyone learning braille. As the user types, the SMART Brailler speaks according to the speech settings—similar to how a screen reader provides audio feedback. A teacher who cannot read braille can see what a student is writing as he types, and the student gets immediate audio feedback from the machine so he doesn't have to wait until the teacher reads his assignment. Because it has a screen, the SMART Brailler provides instant visual feedback. Thus a parent or other sighted individual can help a child with her assignments and the device also helps the parent learn braille along with the child. In addition, the braille file can be put onto a flash drive and then onto a computer in text format. These features allow blind and sighted children to work together on an assignment with relative ease."

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