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Load2Learn website for students with sight loss

Mon, 24 Sep 2012

RNIB and Dyslexia Action have launched Load2Learn, a new service that could significantly improve the school experience for learners who can't read standard print and save time for the teaching staff who support them.

Around one in ten students struggle to read standard print and this can prevent them from getting the most out of lessons and homework in the same way as their classmates. Load2Learn will help schools to better support learners with dyslexia, who are blind or partially sighted, or who have a disability.

Curriculum materials across all Key Stages - textbooks, test papers and images - can be downloaded in a range of file formats and then adapted to suit the personal reading needs of students. There are currently over 1,500 titles and 1,000 images to download and documents can be customised to create different print or braille versions.

Sally Appleyard works at an educational resource centre in Hull that produces accessible materials to students in the area. She said: "The main focus for us is to get work to students as quickly as we can. Load2Learn means instant access; I can get a PDF onto the student's laptop on the same day. It saves us time and frees up staff to concentrate on supporting students. "

John Godber, Head of Products and Publications, RNIB, said: "Load2Learn is a real breakthrough, offering a practical solution for learners and schools. It would not have happened without the support of parents, children, teaching staff and MPs, who backed our campaign for every child's right to read and to equal educational opportunities.

"We are delighted that blind and partially sighted learners who can't read standard print have the chance to start this academic year with access to many more of the same text books as their classmates."