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Haggeye is five!

Tue, 25 Sep 2012

Haggeye, the forum for blind and partially sighted young people in Scotland celebrated its fifth anniversary this week. The forum for 12 to 25 year olds has gone on to win three prestigious awards and was one of only three youth groups chosen to help celebrate the Scottish Parliament's tenth anniversary.

The group has also campaigned on issues including avoidable sight loss, accessible transport and the need for more schoolbooks in formats such as braille and audio.

Mo Colvin, Youth Engagement Officers said: "Haggeye has empowered young people to take ownership of the project and develop it in a direction where they are able to make their own decisions on where they want it to go, something that a lot of them had not had an opportunity to do previously."

Katrina Thomson (19) from Hawick was diagnosed with cancer of the eyes at six months old. Treatment with radiotherapy left her with difficulty in focusing on objects. "Haggeye has given me the confidence to stand up for my rights and be able to express my needs without feeling ashamed. Haggeye has also given me so many opportunities, like going to Westminster, speaking in front of the Scottish Parliament and other conferences and events, to name but a few. Through Haggeye, I have also made lifelong friends."

Haggeye members are currently working with Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland to highlight to young people that 50 per cent of sight loss is avoidable.

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