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Ahmed - Young Reading Lives

Wed, 07 Sep 2011

Ahmed is 17 and a student at New College Worcester. He is registered blind and has some mobility vision that allows him to get around places he’s familiar with.

Ahmed plays an active role in politics and also does a lot of work in the media as a radio and TV presenter. He plans to study political science and international relations at university. He would like a career as a politician but also plans to continue his interest in media.


“I’ve always used my BrailleNote and without it I’d be pretty much lost. It’s how I write, read and also a form of diary and planner”

A BrailleNote is a computer made by HumanWare for blind and partially sighted people. Depending on the model it has a braille keyboard, speech synthesizer and a refreshable braille display. Software included with the BrailleNote includes:

  • word processor
  • media player
  • e-mail
  • daily planner
  • address list
  • book reader
  • calculator

BrailleNote allows you to translate files into other formats such as the Word document format. Ahmed uses this function to submit assignments to his teachers.

Ahmed using his braillenote computer
“Technology plays a pivotal role in my life”

He is a keen user of the Facebook, Twitter and MySpace social networking websites: “social networking sites are good for everybody but especially good for those with visual impairment”