Reading groups

Anyone should be able to join or set up a reading group whether blind, partially sighted or sighted. Here a few helpful tips courtesy of Reading Groups for Everyone and RNIB:


Location is key - if difficult to access or find it may mean a blind or partially sighted person cannot attend:

  • Do any members have another disability such as being hearing impaired or a wheel chair user?
  • Consider if there will be any carers or guide dogs which could affect space.
  • Set the room in predictable fashion to make it easier for a blind and partially sighted person to locate their seat.

With regards to refreshments many blind and partially sighted people are diabetic, consider what you provide. Also be aware that guide dogs will also need refreshments and toilet facilities!


When meeting a blind and partially sighted person, introduce yourself, offer to shake hands and inform them if moving away. Don't leave someone talking to an empty space!

Good practice is for everyone to introduce themselves at the start so people can get to know the names either side of them. Try and always use a person's name so everyone can get used to their voices.

When leading a group do not sit with your back to a window as it is harder for members of the group who are partially sighted to see your face.

Reading format

The choice of book is a big consideration as only seven per cent of books are fully accessible to blind and partially sighted people. Don't be deterred, it just means more planning with your book choices.

Check availability in alternative formats such as audio, braille and giant print. RNIB's National Library Service and Calibre Audio Library are great places to start.

Please take into consideration that accessible format books can take longer to read.

Note: Both RNIB and Calibre can provide multiple copies of books in audio format.

Telephone Book Clubs

RNIB also provide Telephone Book Clubs for people with sight loss. These are especially good for customers with limited mobility.

Support for Book Groups

Calibre Audio Library provides a service for visually impaired book groups, supplying multiple copies of the same title so the group can listen to the same book at the same time. There is a small yearly subscription for this service.

For more information call 01296 432339, visit or e mail

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