Inter library loans (Bee Aware Scheme)

The Bee Aware Scheme is a national initiative to promote the inter library loan of alternative format material on behalf of blind and partially sighted people.

How does it work

If the borrower is not a member of Calibre Audio Library, RNIB National Library Service or National Talking Newspapers and Magazines, a declaration form should be completed. A copy of this signed declaration form should be retained for your own library’s records for subsequent loans.

Loan requests

Inter library loan requests should indicate: title, author, format (audio or large print) and include that the customer is a blind or partially sighted person, customer name and if they are a member of Calibre etc. Also include your request number, your billing account number and cost scheme.

‘Articles for the blind’ scheme

Alternative format material (including large print and audio) may be sent via the Royal Mail free of charge, using the Articles for the Blind (AFB) service. To comply with Royal Mail regulations the customers name and ‘Articles for the Blind’ must be on the parcel.