Inter library loans

The Bee Aware Scheme was a national initiative to promote the inter library loan of alternative format material on behalf of blind and partially sighted people. In recent years, the scheme has reduced in usage and with changes to the way in which some partners in the scheme now deliver services, as well as the increased availability of digital reading, Bee Aware is no longer functional.

As RNIB now provide their services free of charge to registered members, the simplest way to "borrow" material on behalf of your customers is to contact the RNIB National Library Service to check their holdings and arrange for the loan of the material direct.

Loan requests

As with all Inter library loan requests you should provide as much information as you can including: title, author, format (audio or large print) and include that the customer is a blind or partially sighted person. It they are already a member of RNIB or another charitable provider please provide the customer's name.

‘Articles for the blind’ scheme

Alternative format material (including large print and audio) may be sent via the Royal Mail free of charge, using the Articles for the Blind (AFB) service. To comply with Royal Mail regulations the customers name and ‘Articles for the Blind’ must be on the parcel.

Key organisations