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Big print newspaper from rnib

Braille and reading by touch

  • ClearVision - lend tactile books and dual format braille/print for adults and children to share reading. Titles are suitable for toddlers, children learning to read and newly-fluent readers.
    Tel: 020 8789 9575
  • RNIB National Library Service - lends braille and Moon books (another form of touch reading) for children.
    Tel: 0303 123 9999
  • Bag Books - sells tactile story packs for children with severe and multiple disabilities.
    Tel: 020 76270444
Big print newspaper from rnib


  • Calibre Audio Library - offers a subscription free nationwide postal and internet library service of audio books on MP3 CD, USB memory stick and via internet streaming and downloads. There is a single administration fee of £20 for children.
    Tel: 01296 432339
  • RNIB National Library Service - lends many audio books for children as part of the subscription based Talking Books service.
    Tel: 0303 123 9999
  • National talking newspapers and magazines (NTNM) - produces audio magazines suitable for older children.
    Tel: 01435 866102

Ways of reading leaflet

The Ways of Reading Leaflet is designed to help people find reading materials in accessible formats for children of all ages who are blind or partially sighted. The leaflet is free of charge and is a joint venture by Calibre Audio Library, ClearVision Library, National Blind Children's Society and RNIB.